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GMT MONEY collects personal information via
  1. information submitted via the application form
  2. information submitted via an online survey
  3. any messages you provide to us via this website, telephone or email addresses
This is for the purpose of providing GMT MONEY’s services to the client or for any purpose that is directly incidental to the provision of those services.


GMT MONEY collects your personal information in order to identify you and provide our products and services. It is also required for us to satisfy the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006, rules and other subordinate instruments (AML/CTF Laws).

In order to provide our services to you we need to identify and verify your documents. We may disclose your personal information to external identity verification service providers and credit providers. We may also disclose your personal information to our correspondence or intermediary banks and exchange houses to process your transactions.

In case you refuse or fail to provide any requested information, Foreign Exchange Central may not be able to provide products and services to clients.


Under relevant the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism legislation, Foreign Exchange Central is required to retain personal and related information for 7 years. At the end of the period, GMT MONEY will destroy or make anonymous your personal information or on its sole discretion.


Promotions and newsletters related to GMT MONEY’s products and services may be sent to the user. Upon applying for GMT MONEY’s products and services, the client has the ability to opt out of receiving information about Foreign Exchange Central products and services as well as special offers.

If a client no longer wishes to do so, the client can email GMT MONEY advising they no longer wish to receive such information.


There may be circumstances in which GMT MONEY is obliged to collect, use, or disclose certain personal information without your consent. Examples of circumstances include the following

  1. Our interests require disclosure
  2. Need for our research, product and service development, security and testing
  3. Disclosure is required or authorized by law
  4. Under AML/CFT Laws, it's required to verify the uploaded ID documents. In order to satisfy the obligation, GMT MONEY will take reasonable steps to verify the documents through verification services provided by Global Data Company and Trulioo.
  5. We suspect that fraud or unlawful activity has been, is being engaged
  6. Duty to the public to disclose.
  7. Disclosure is made with your consent
We may send customer information overseas if it is necessary to complete a transaction or we outsource certain functions overseas.
We may also be permitted to disclose information in other circumstances.


Telephone conversations between the user and employees of GMT MONEY may be recorded. If a call is to be recorded or monitored a notification message issued. The recordings or transcripts may be used to for the purposes below
  1. Take instructions from the user related to the account or transactions.
  2. Resolve any dispute between the user and GMT MONEY.
  3. Improve customer service.
These recordings may also be erased or destroyed at GMT MONEY's discretion.



The website uses 128-bit encryption to secure communication between the user and server.


We use cookies to provide products and services to users. If the browser does not accept cookies, our products and services are severely limited or in some cases impossible provide.


In the internet, your IP address is the unique identifier for the computer. When you visit or log into our website, we will collect and store your IP address. This is to prevent fraudulent transaction and audit purposes. The IP addresses may be shared with third parties to aggregate non personal information.


The Internet is neither secure nor resilient environment. While Foreign Exchange Central takes reasonable measures to keep client information secure, Foreign Exchange Central cannot guarantee your online data security.

GMT MONEY is not liable for any loss of data, injury, delay or inconvenience to any user when using our products and services over the internet.


Personal information is to be provided at the discretion of the user in accordance to our account opening procedures. We encourage users to ensure they are communicating with a legitimate member of GMT MONEY and the information is communicated securely.
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